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.My breaking your cheek was part of that base reaction.I can make you a promise that I will try to control it, but do not test my limits the way you usually do, Beautiful.I do not want to hurt you that way again.”I sat up and knelt behind him.“Marcus, I don’t want to…” “I do not want anyone touching you other than me, but if I have to chain you to the bed and feed you those damned, blue erection pills to make you have sex with her, then I will!”His voice was ragged, and I noticed the tears on his cheek.I laid my hand on his shoulder.He bolted to his feet, not bothering to wipe the wetness away or turn around to look at me.“I cannot listen to you call out for her again, Little One.It is unbelievably cruel of you to think that I can.” He disappeared into the bathroom.Whoa…okay, what the hell just happened here? I followed him.Marcus stood naked in the shower, facing the tiled wall, his shoulders rising and falling.He was crying really hard.Holy crap.I stepped into the shower with him and touched his shoulder.You would have thought that I hit his off button or cut his puppet strings.He dropped to his knees, hugged his arms to his waist and really started sobbing as he curled in on himself.I got to my knees and reached out my hand again.“Do not touch me.” I pulled my hand back.I didn’t know what to do.Apparently, I was a touchy-feely kind of guy.I just wanted to wrap my arms around him, but it was obvious that he was too freaked with me to do that.“Marcus…Pretty, I don’t know why I would have called her name.I don’t want to have sex with some green haired girl.Marcus?” He whispered down to the tile floor, and I barely heard him.“How could I have so much joy one day and so much devastation the next?” “I’m here with you, Marcus.I’m not going anywhere.Listen to me,” I said, daring to touch his chin, turning his face towards me.“I’m here.” His brown eyes were almost black where his pupils were so dilated.He stared at me, but I don’t think he really saw me.What was I supposed to do?His voice was a broken whimper, barely heard above the noise of the water beating down from the shower head.“I changed with Armor, and now I am bleeding inside, Xavier.You made me believe in you.I wanted so much to believe that you were finally mine.I cannot pull it back on.I cannot find it, it is lost.”I shook my head.That made no sense to me whatsoever.Who or what was this Armor thing? I didn’t know what to do.I was witnessing a mental breakdown, and I couldn’t do a damn thing about it.Wait!Shade?Oh God, there was no answer.She must still be blocking me.I crawled up beside Marcus and laid a hand on his back.He flinched and then lunged at me, wrapping his arms around my torso and burying his face against my chest.He still shook as he cried.I never felt so at a loss before in my life.“I’m here, Marcus.I’m not going anywhere,” I said soothingly, wrapping an arm across his back and cradling his head to my chest, resting my chin on the top of his head.“It’s alright.Everything’s alright.You are the only one I love, the only one I want.Marcus, please believe me!”SHADE!! The shower continued to wash over us.It was soothing, and God knows Marcus needed soothing.I would need to get him moving, get him back into bed to rest, but right now, he was not intending to move any time soon.Any motion I made, his arms squeezed tighter as if trying to hold me to him forever.Shade, can you hear me now?…Can you hear me now?…Can you hear me now?… I guess we were in the shower for a long time before I noticed the water starting to cool.Marcus gave no indication that he felt the change in temperature.I hugged him.“Marcus…we have to get up and move.” His answer was a tighter grip.I thought I heard my ribs creak.Can you hear me now?…Can you hear me now?…Xavier, that is so annoying.What do you want?Shade’s indignation came across loud and clear.Shade, get Chesterton to come to the Master Bathroom right now.What’s wrong? Did HE hurt you again?Her tone had dropped to iciness.There’s something wrong with Marcus.Hurry.What’s wrong with him?I…I think I broke him.I was expecting some sarcastic comment or something from the little hellcat, but I was met with silence for a moment.On my way.I whispered into Marcus’s ear.“Pretty, Chesterton is coming.We should get up now.At least, get a towel on.” There was no damn way I was going to be able to physically lift him out of the shower by myself.Even with Chesterton’s help, I don’t know if we’ll be able to move him.At least he stopped crying.But I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing.I had to get him up, and in desperation, I asked, “Marcus, you want to see my wings? I can get them to come out and disappear at will now.” “Wings?” He stirred.“I can’t open them in here.It’s too small.We have to go to the bench first.Can you get up?” I encouraged.Marcus slowly climbed to his feet, but he never let go of me.I was just so happy that I’d got him off the shower floor, Awkwardly, we made our way to the bench, where I got him to sit down.He transferred his hold to my waist and buried his forehead against my stomach.I used both my hands to cradle his head.“Show me your wings.” I gritted my teeth.Yes, I could call them at will, but it hurt like a bitch to extract them, and I’d already told him that, but maybe he was so upset, he would not remember.At least by mentioning them, I’d gotten some reaction out of him.Still, even though it wasn’t exactly easy, I would do anything to take that blank look out of his eyes [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]